maniacal security focus

Challenges We Solve

Your corporate network is now the public internet with users all over the place

You can't secure SaaS applications like you used to secure your legacy applications

You know you should have a better handle on security but you're not sure where to start


Alert fatigue is wearing down your defenses


You can't hire talent


Our experts will help you assess your risk levels from various sources that can both directly and/or indirectly compromise your operations 


Know where you stand


Know before you buy

Supply Chain

Know who you're trusting


active testing

Our experts will stress your defenses to simulate attacks so you have piece of mind and knowledge of any security gaps to remediate

Pen Testing
Social Engineering
Web App Testing
Wifi Testing
Device Health Checks
Red Team Testing

Managed Security Services

Let us protect you so you can focus on your business


We'll help you even the playing field


SOC Services

Intercept EDR

Endpoint Detection & Response

Intercept XDR

Extended Detection & Response


24 x 7 Monitoring


130+ Engineers


6 Global SOCs


Data protection

While we help customers become offensive in their security posture, part of any good security practice must include the ability to recover if an incident occurs

Data Backup
7866756_sync_update_data backup_database_icon.png
Disaster Recovery